mercoledì 10 novembre 2010

Last good memories

After a week studying in the city.. My mind is travelling into the past, remembering good time spent in Les 2 Alpes in this october. I like to stay there, it's the place where Im active, always doing something and never have boring time. Such as a mix of snowboarding, working, chillin' and partying. Meet all my friends, spend a nice time with them, meet new people. This way of living make me feelgood.

 Wally and me
 Facciosnao Family
 Sicca and me
Girls Power
Wally and Matteo

This was our Halloween in Facciosnao Camp in L2A, just havin' fun! Siiiick party and funny lottery with some materials prizes by Nitro, Vans, Facciosnao and Bliss.

I had 4 days riding in the park with sunny days and not so cold temperatures. Siiiick shredding! Last weekend the glacier was closed for too much wind... but I was so tired after the week anyway!
 Facciosnao Family
 My favourite Sbarbi!
Les 2 Alpes 3600

Ok, that's my good memories of my last trip in Les 2 Alpes. Now it's time to study ;) skateboarding, planning future trips... and waiting december for next shredding! 
-20 days to my 20th birthday!

Good news for me, Im going to buy a fisheye lens for my reflex camera. A selfpresent for my birthday ;)


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