martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Jus Liv'n in L2A

When the glacier is closed for too much snow and wind, u are looking through the window and the only thing u can see it's something like 20cm of fresh snow. There's only one thought in your mind, let's go find some spot to jib!

Firstly we went to the lake at the beginning of L2A, amazing landscape, icy lake and snow every where. We found some pic nic tables in wood to jib, siiick.
Later we went to the bike park, some of my friends had a ride on 2 little jumps and a quarter in wood. At the end we bring a plastic tube in front of our camp. Really nice day shredding in street!

Fuck Yeah!

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  1. Hell yeah dude! Miss you facciosnao guys! Hope to see you someday.