lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

Pirates of the Tyrrenhian Sea

Strange weather day and you have nothing to do, beach is the nearest place from your house. Well, let's go for a photoshooting session!

Stay tuned

venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

Good Times

Well well well, i've been no writing for a long time but now i came back!
I had so much to study this month, exam session at University so I had no time to write or something to write ;)
Apart studies I think it's a good period, Im in a positive mood and I smile about everything. I spend good times with friends, chillin' and freakin' out, and snowboarding too. Two weekends ago I went to Campo Catino, a little resort near Rome, where I had snowboarding for 2 days doing a little snowpark homemade with our structures. It was sunny all weekend long, 15°C and a lot of snow.. some beers, sandwiches and fun!

Yesterday I did my linguistics exam of this year, yeah! Now I feel a little bit free :D I just have to do another one exam of history, then I'll be free for some time!
I'll go to Verona in 10days to visit my best friend Pier and spend some time with him and our sista Ali, and then to celebrate his graduation!!! It's going to be a good month ;)

Stay tuned