venerdì 16 settembre 2011

Sweet thoughts from the summer..

Wake me up when september ends.. the month between the summer and the beginning of my Uni's courses, full of exams to do. Im thinking about my sweet summer that I spent in Les 2 Alpes staying there for almost 2 months with all my "Family" ... Home is wherever Im with u! My home is Facciosnao Camp.

My summer was like going up to the glacier every morning to snowboarding with my homies and having fun..
Although it was a lil bit cold july, summer on the glacier was so cool. Snow on july was pretty good icy in the morning and then perfect to shred until 1PM while august was a bit worse because of the high temperature.

Apart snowboarding I had really good days chillin' with my friends all around 2Alpes with its amazing places where to go like Venosc or to do rafting a La Grave or starting to free climbing.

Nightlife over there is amusing where every wednsday there's "Gran Miercoles" night and everbody goes to partying. I spent all my nights at Smithy's and Mini Bar pubs to drinking with and meeting some friends ending the party at Avalanche disco. In july I had a lot of fun meeting friends all around Europe who I can meet only there and rarely during the year.. some russian, dutch and spanish guys and chicks and italian friends too. August was pretty worse but however I had fun with my homies.

At the end of the season on 28th of august we left L2A in direction to Hossegor! After a summer working at the camp, my Facciosnao staff and me went to our Surf House in front of the ocean enjoying a week of surfing and chilling...

Stay tuned!