venerdì 23 novembre 2012

Living Lapland

      It was a long time that I haven't been stoked like I'm now. Living in Finland is like a dream coming true, while taking my flight to Helsinki I was really stoked and smiling to everyone, watching through the plane window and thinking about how far I'm going from home, crossing maybe lands where I've never been yet. Helsinki is a great city, modern buildings, capital of design, you have whatever you need, everything works great. But for me Finland is something different, I spent a lot of time in my life watching documentaries about Finland and nordic countries, reading articles and most of all checking photos. My view of Finland is something wild, a place where you can get lost in the middle of nature, in the middle of nowhere. Small towns with their wooden houses where local people live, those locals ready to tell you their story, recount you about their culture. Those incontaminated lands that are something rare nowadays, able to stop you for a moment, catch your attention, let you breathe fresh air, show you what mother nature gave us. That's the Finland I want to discover.
      Lapland, that's a simple word which has a lots of meanings for me. Since I was younger I always dreamed about going up north, doing my hiking trip, discovering the beauties of that planet. There's nothing that I could wish more than watching northern lights, this amazing phenomenon that everyone should see in its life. Furthermore, finally I booked my trip to Lapland and I'm going to explore Korvala and its surroundings even though Im not a real fan of organized trips as they are usually too holiday-style. The main point of the trip is to discover Lappish way of life, local culture, ski around the city, meet huskies and reindeers of the local farms and to watch northern lights. It's going to be something epic, I can feel it.