martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Jus Liv'n in L2A

When the glacier is closed for too much snow and wind, u are looking through the window and the only thing u can see it's something like 20cm of fresh snow. There's only one thought in your mind, let's go find some spot to jib!

Firstly we went to the lake at the beginning of L2A, amazing landscape, icy lake and snow every where. We found some pic nic tables in wood to jib, siiick.
Later we went to the bike park, some of my friends had a ride on 2 little jumps and a quarter in wood. At the end we bring a plastic tube in front of our camp. Really nice day shredding in street!

Fuck Yeah!

sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Les 2 Alpes again

Season never ends... After a sick summer season in Les 2 Alpes, im here again. The ambience is kinda like in the summer, maybe less italian or spanish tourists. There are a lot of French riders and locals from here, and  our italian Facciosnao Camp. Anyway nice ambience, not so much people in the park.. weather says that tomorrow should snow, i hope! It promises a nice week here. Tonight let's go party, there's many people cause of Rock On Snowboard Tour.
I like this place and people here, small town full of nice and friendly people, like a big family.
Check some pics of these 2 days stayin' here

 ill post some pics of the park when ill go up on monday.

Stay tuned!

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

I Love Poland

I was born in Legnica, Poland, in 1990.
At the age of 4 I moved to Italy with my parents. Anyway once a year I go to Poland.

Lately I was in Poland for 2 weeks. I've spent my time in Legnica, where my grandma and my uncle lives; in Wroclaw, where some of my friends study and Lwowek Slaski where my cousins live.


I really love Wroclaw, it's a kind of city where you can find everything. It's enough big, full of shops and shopping centre, all kinds of fast food.. my favourite is KFC, I really LOVE it! I think everybody must go once in its life to KFC, the best fastfood in the world.
And New Yorker is my favourite shop! It's a german chain of shops, somethin' like H&M but cheaper and sometimes better. Really nice apparel with cheap prices

Wroclaw is full of students, from high school to university. A lot of students coming from outside the city, lives in some dormitories in the city, one for each school. In Poland dormitories are diffused everywhere, in Italy it's not the same. For this reason you can find lots of young people everywhere during the day and the night! There are some nice clubs for everyone, different kinds of ambiance, music and people. I went to Plan B, where plays some funky music, very nice!

Zajezdnia is the name of the indoor skatepark in Wroclaw, close to the centre of the city. Siiiick park! I'm not a really good skater ;p so I don't use every structure at all. There are a lot of box, some difficult rails, a mini ramp, some quarters and banks. There's also a quarter where you cand land on some sponges.. somethin' like WoodWard at Copper Mtn, useful for BMX bikers or skate inline!

Fountain near Hala Stulecia makes some performances of water each hour to the rhythm of classical music.

Close to the fountain there's a Japanese garden, not so big.. but nice to visit and take some pictures

I post some pictures of my journey in Poland
Check it out


Lwowek Slaski

Zywiec - Polish beer!

Stay tuned!