domenica 3 aprile 2011

Last riding trip

It's 3rd of april today and I can feel the spring in the city. Yesterday I came back home from my last trip on mountains, unlikely winter season is going to finish... and maybe I had the last ride of this winter. But for me the season never ends, it's just a little stop before the summer season in Les 2 Alpes ;) Im looking forward to use my snowboard again and live the mountains!
This week was so positive for me, I learned to ride in switch and I land fs 180! I was so excited and wanted to remains there another 2 weeks, but unfortunately I had to come back home and I have to prepare my exams at University. For this reason Im looking forward to go to Les 2 Alpes and learn more and more!
By the way Im waiting for the results of the Erasmus programme.. if Ill be lucky in september Ill be in Helsinki. That's make me smiling and I have to start to save some money for this experience, 'cause Suomi is not as cheap as Italy.

It's time to post some pictures of this season riding.. Last month I was in Monte Bondone near Trento with some friends, riding a Roxy box in the park... my favourite!

Relax time

bs noseslide

fs boardslide

Then I stayed some days in Verona visiting my best friend who lives there ;) we celebrated his graduate with a great party and had some relaxing days snowboarding and riding bike in Verona's periphery and to Lazise on Garda Lake.

The same day I came back in Rome my special friend came to visit me here in my city ;) I spent an awesome 4days with him and had a great time. After 2 months I saw him again and it made me so happy, we had some days walking in the centre of Rome, walking on the beach in my seatown and relaxing at home, not so much partying unfortunately!


Trevi Fountain

Venezia Square

Well, after that good period I had to study a lot for my last exam of history at University.. and then I went on Alps for a week with my parents! I didn't made some pics 'cause I was alwaya riding and had no time to make pics or videos. Anyway it was a positive week, i've learned to ride in switch, land a fs 180 on little kickers and met again some friends from Les 2 Alpes who stayed there for the winter season, it was a nice surprise!

Passo del Tonale

Passo del Tonale

Now it's time to say.. Goodbye my lovely snow, see u in Les 2 Alpes!

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