lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Child's happiness

Well well.. That's me when I was only a child :) a happy blondie girl trying to smile but too shy. The best period of our life is as a child, everything seems to be so easy and we have no duties. Children are so innocent and live their life having fun, playing with friends, running, smiling and being happy, discovering all beautiful parts of life and the world around them. Growing up we have more responsibility living positive and negative experiences, trying to understand world and having more question about it, often with no answers. We discover friendship, love, hard working, hobbies, landscapes of the world. We meet difficulties but also with pleasures.
What do you think? Is better to remain a child or is worth being adult?

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  1. you know, when i was a child I always had something that I wanted but coulndt get. and now I can do it all, so I think now is my best time...