sabato 15 gennaio 2011

Annetts Never Die

A long time passed from the last time I wrote something.
Well, I came back! :)
After a long month out of Rome. Starting from a week in Dolomiti Alps in the north of Italy, then my country Poland for Christmas until 7th of january and lastly Merate (between Milano and Lecco) for a weekend.
Now I came back home, hope to change something and no return to the daily routine. At the end of january Ill start my exam session at university, so it's time to study seriously! I have to do at least 2 exams, maybe 3.

Anyway, my week on Dolomiti was very nice! Always sunny days, met a lot of friends, only the snow was quite icy.. but the snowpark was ok anyway. I spent good days snowboarding, learnt some fs 1 on flat and tried to jump higher on kickers. Now Im waiting to the next shredding days to improve my skills!

Then I travelled with my parents by car until Poland. I go there every year for Christmas and New Year, to stay with all my family, meet some old friends and have fun in different ways ;)

This is my cousin in the last picture, she passed all Christmas days chatting with her boyfriend by SMS, hahaha it's amazing! How a person could stay all day long with phone in its hands?
Good news during Xmas were on 26th when we went snowboarding in a place close to my family's house. But the bad news was that the snowpark wasn't already done. So I enjoyed only the slopes, no way.

How was my New Year? Well, actually I don't remember it so good. I can only say that I stayed in Wroclaw with my friend Ula and her boyfriend, we were walking and drinking through the citycentre with lots of people everywhere and a concert that I don't remember. I think that the last thought I had is when we were drinking on a wall and then we moved to come back home, it was about 11.20pm. After that.. the BLACK HOLE! I woke up dressed and the world was turning around me hahahaha, baaaad! Some people told me that I tried to dance with music of my phone and I felt down to the ground and then I went sleeping at 00.30am after the New Year.. nice!

Staying 2 weeks or more in Poland, I also had good time at the skatepark with my friend Wojtek, 2 days shredding before leave to Bergamo, some shopping and cinema days :D

On 7th of january I took a flight to Bergamo, going to Merate to visit a special person. I stayed there for 3 days. The time wasn't so good, always grey sky and raining a little bit, but I had fun anyway.. The small cities there are so nice, a lot of ancient buildings.. I like it! The nightlife wasn't enough lively, there aren't big places where to party.

This is a puppy of Balto, the wolfhound hero u know?

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