lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Tales from Poland

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Anna, she was born in the land which is known now as Poland in the little town of Legnica. At the age of 4 she moved to Italy, where she's still living with her parents on the seaside close to the capital city.
Well, that little girl now is 21 and she's a globetrotter who once a year come back to her motherland for Xmas time.
I've been in Poland for almost 3 weeks after a great week, actually 10 days because of the car at the mechanichian (yeah, it happened), of snowboarding on Dolomiti Alps with my parents and some Polish friends. As usual, I spent Xmas time at my aunt's place with my cousins and my grandma and I really enjoyed it because it happens only once a year when your family meet altogether and there's something magic in it. The only thing that missed was snow, this year was cruel as of snowflakes and everywhere people was waiting for some fresh powder that didn't arrive. All in all it was a great Xmas.
I could say that when Im in Poland I really love going to the cinema and I broke my previous record going 6 times to the cinema during 3weeks of my staying (it was kinda new challenge or maybe simply because I like the cinema) and I also had 2 films at the same day, it was freaky!
Im proud to announce that we have an indoor skatepark in Wroclaw, named Zajezdnia Skatepark, so I was able to sk8boarding in winter too with my polish rider friend Wojtek, we were there twice.
I planned my New Year's Eve two days before that, at last minute I chose the party at the dormitory of the University of Economy where each year students who live there organize a party in the corridors (there are 10 floors) and some of them make parties in the elevators too, it's so funny! At midnight everybody go to the hill close to the building where it's possible to see fireworks from all parts of the city, such an amazing shimmering sky.
Weather wasn't so good at all everyday was cloudy with a gray sky and no sun, but sometimes it was sunny too. It snowed twice: the day in which I arrived to Poland and the one that I left. Luckily, I've been snowboarding on new year, only once, and riding some fresh powder between trees was amazing. A snowpark probably could transform that day in a perfect one but it was ok anyway.
All in all, it was a good Polish trip. I like to go there because I can meet my family and some of friends who I see only once a year and that's a little bit sad. But on the other hand, meeting them only sometimes makes me want to see them and they never make me bored. It's like having double home, a half of my life in Poland and the other half in Italy.

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