mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

What motivates you?

  I enjoy every second of my life, as life is too short to be unhappy. People live their lives too fast and superficially, and therefore they regret it.
  Books are a powerful source of information and inspiration, that's why I used to read them. Once I read "Vagabonding" written by Rolf Potts, who's a National Geographic reporter, where he suggested a different way of travelling for a long time without any plans, also without arranging a large amount of money. He really motivated me since I love travelling and that solves my economic problems. Again, another book changed my mentality due to its way of approaching to the world. First, Mr and Mrs Hicks talk about the law of attraction and how it works in our everyday life, where having a positive mood attracts only positive vibrations to you from the universe. In spite of being angry or annoyed about something, I tried to keep an easy going approach to everything in my life, and that was rewarding.
Indeed, having this positive mood changes the way I look at things. As a result, I never feel demotivated and if something awful happens to me I'm able to overcome it without any problems.
  I love snowboarding even though I sometimes get hurt but that's the price one pays for being successful.
  Furthermore, my parents and my best friends always motivate me in choices trying to be helpful in my needs.
  Finally, various successful people make me want to improve my life and follow my instinct since I heard their speeches or read articles about them.
  In conclusion, I'm utterly convinced that my dreams will come true because I believe in myself and I know what I want. I only have to find the way to get there. Life presents us several difficulties, yet we are full of motivation to overcome them.


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