giovedì 30 giugno 2011

- 7 days !

Ladies and gentlemen Im proud to announce that next wednsday I have my last exam of this session at Uni and then I'll be free! And.. on thursday night Ill be travelling from Rome to Milan by train, where my sweet PROfitteroles (Valery Junior) will catch me on friday morning at Central Station and then we'll be ready to go to Les 2 Alpes!

Facciosnao Family is waiting for us in our beautiful chalet in L2A :)

Last days in Rome are going to be awesome. On saturday morning I go to Roxy Girls Surf Festival here in Ostia, spending a nice day surfing and meeting a lot of girls who want to learn surfing. Then from today till sunday there are World Cup Skateboarding at The Spot skatepark in Ostia, so I go to see and shoot some PRO skaters whose show us their abilities in street, bowl and vert riding.

The only thing that I can do is to enjoy my last summer week here in Rome! :) Life is awesome.
Jus Liv It !

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