mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

Why Finland? Why not?

     Once upon a time.. is how normally a fairytale starts. I was wondering, usually fairytales have a happy ending so I'm not going to tell you one. In the last 6 months my life has changed, I have changed. Moving to a different place is a great adventure, where everything smells new and exciting, even a busy road. The best moment? The-middle-period. Life looks exciting, cruising around new places, feeling positive vibes coming from every corner, meeting people that you never expected to meet. That's it, that's when you feel like a bird flying through the infinity. Sometimes you feel you miss home, some of your habits but then your mind realize that your habits are changing and whatever you were used to do now it's only part of your past.
     Prejudice? Your vocabulary doesn't know this word. Actually, your vocabulary is even enriched twice. You are a world citizen, you know many things that you never expected to learn and you feel so rich inside. Life is about sharing, that's what you learned to do. What happens next? Just livin' life. That's the moment when you realize that your life was boring and surrounded by daily routine; suddenly you feel that somehow you are paying more attention to every detail, living every moment of your existence. Dynamism? That concept disappear in your new life, or at least, the way you live your days is not dynamic anymore but more sensitive to all sensations. At a certain point you get used to this, if you don't feel completely happy then you'll certainly find something new to make your living more exciting. Because there are too many stuff that you hadn't chance to discover yet. It's like a never-ending-discovering.
     We are humans, we need a boost to feel fullfilled. Adrenaline, big changes, new impulses, that's all we need to feel happy. Relationships between humans are as much complicated as beautiful, our minds and souls need connection. To be connected we need to get to know each other, open our minds and fill them with the awesomeness coming from others.
     I decided to leave my habits at home when moving to Finland, having the chance to discover how University life works in a different culture. Why Finland? Why not? Stop taking too obvious choices, stop always answering why. I spent the best period of my life in this stunning city called Helsinki, I left many pieces of my heart all around that place. Too many places in my mind, too many people in my heart, too many things I've done I can be proud of, too many experiences I won't forget. Suddenly, as all good things has an end, time ran out and the exchange period expired. As I said before, not every tale has a happy ending. When you are forced to do something that you don't want to, that you are not ready for.. then it's not a happy ending. I just started relishing my new life there, it was a start that turned into an end; I wish I could stay longer, till the time I could be able to decide if it's enough or not. If it's time for another experience or to go back home, but not in that case, where feeling like a bird ripped off own nest.
     Nevertheless, I'm more than happy that I had this chance to enjoy the awesomeness of this magic country. I'm ready to build a new chapter of my life, filling it with new experiences and looking at all familiar things with a different point of view. Life is too short to be unhappy, just live it.

Miss Annetts