venerdì 26 ottobre 2012

The Land of Snow, Reindeers and Riisipirakka

Dreams always become true. My dream started two months ago, while moving to Finland for an erasmus program as an exchange student. This is the land of love, snow, happiness and good vibes. It really reminds me my hometown in Poland, modern buildings, parks everywhere, in the middle of nature two steps outside the downtown.

A lot of things happened during my staying here. Living here as a student is awesome, so easy to meet new people, erasmus students and finnish people too. The city is full of attractions for everyone, amazing areas there to go for a walk, nice buildings whose admire architecture, good parties of all kinds to attend. One of the first events was the Burton 13 movie premiere, at the new Burton Store in Helsinki where Mikkel Bang has come.

Living in a new city and having a new apartment means a lot of visits from friends all around the world, and why not.. Couch Surfing aswell! First guest was my friend Alice from Trento, who's having her erasmus in Turku now, and then two russian friends! Fresh salmon is a must in Finland, there's no better way to taste it if not going to the Market Square at the South Harbour of Helsinki on a sunny day, served with delicious cranberry souce with potateos and vegetables.

There's always something to do in Helsinki, 24hours per day. Sibeliuspuisto is the park where it's possible to see the Sibelius monument, which is known everywhere around the world. That's a very nice place where to take a walk, close to the seaside with an enjoyable atmosphere during sunny days and sunset time.

I love getting lost in the woods, that's why I love that place. Here you can find parks and little woods everywhere, in the surroundings of the city. I felt in love with Seurasaari with its beautiful wooden cottages and old style houses, you can reach it only by walking and it looks like an old agen village. I can't describe the feelings I have while crossing that places, nature is incredible and there are so many beauties to discover.
Espoo with its Nuuksio National Park made my day, I've been there once.. and what you can see there in autumn time is rad, yellow and red colours everywhere! Nice tracks to cross and breathtaking landscapes of lakes and forest. I'd like to go there again to pick mushrooms or have another great bbq in the wood, it should also be nice go camping there for few days.. maybe in summer time.

Winter is coming and the season of snowboard premiere has already started! First one was, as I said before, Burton 13 movie premiere. Following, Mellow Crew night with their short movie, good vibes, lots of people and nice afterparty, support little crews! A great surprise was the Videograss premiere that I was waiting for ages! Petrus kindly organised the premiere at Adams in Helsinki, the only thing I can say about The Dark Side.. NONSENSE! Really, it was so sick as I expected.

Talking about winter, my first thought is snowboarding! Im really stoked about being here and Im looking forward to go snowboarding again.. as I spent last summer in Rome and I missed L2A. Well, today we had the first snow in Helsinki and that's a great news! Serena Ski is already pushing fake snow on the slopes, now we hope the temperature remains low so that they can open very soon. Next weekend BoardExpo aka positive vibes in the city aka perfect days, nice contests and great afterparties!

Stay tuned!